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General Wedding Information
List of the necessary documents and information
Legal marriage

If you want to get married legally in Bali (Indonesia State) under civil law, the couple must be married religiously under Indonesian law before the civil marriage.
If you have already received a religious ceremony in your home country (it may even date back some time), the religious wedding certificate and a translation into Indonesian must be submitted at the local registry office.
If you have been married in a civil ceremony in your home country, you can always perform a religious wedding in Bali. The easiest way for a marriage is by a Protestant minister. However, a Hindu blessing is also possible.
In the Protestant wedding vows are read out loud (you may compose and recite your own vows ) and rings are exchanged.
A registrar is present and performs the ceremony with the reading of the marriage vows backed by Indonesian marriage law and then signed at the marriage register.
A marriage certificate of the Protestant Church in Bali and another by the Government of Indonesia will be presented.
The Indonesian marriage certificate from the registrar's office should be translated by a certified translator and legalized by your relevant embassy (depending on nationality).
For a legal wedding ceremony in Bali (Indonesia), the following documents are requested by the Indonesian government.

  • Copies of your passport (photo page and the next page ) of Bride and Groom
  • Copies of the birth certificate of Bride and Groom
  • Copy of the divorce certificate (if applicable)
  • Copy of the death certificate of former spouse (if applicable)
  • Copy of documents about a name change - eg former marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • 8 photos (size 4 x 6 cm) of the couple together – Groom on the right side of the Bride (on the photo). For the recording the bride is on the left hand of the groom)
  • Copies of passports (or Indonesians ID) of 2 witnesses (may not be related by blood)
    (Witnesses can be provided free by us)
  • Certificate of not being married (issued by their home registry office of the bride and groom and bring along the original)
  • CNI ∗
  • Registration form for your stay hotel in Bali (will be done by us)
  • Completed civil official application form (to be done by us)

∗ CNI letter (in English Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage) is the most important document for the Indonesian civil registry to enable a wedding.
This document will be issued by a authority (embassy or consulate) on the basis of the certificate of not being married.
For Anglo-Saxon countries (USA, England, Australia) the CNI is issued directly by the Consulate in Bali by appointment only.

In the case of a civil wedding, copies of all required documents and the photo of the bride and groom should be emailed by attachment at least 4 weeks before the planned wedding date. We arrange, including the appointment at the consulate for the CNI letter and the subsequent legalization and translation of the marriage certificate and payment of the necessary costs.
This allows you to enjoy your time in Bali and we'll do all the preparations – you just take a vacation and get married ;-)

Religious wedding Ceremony

The following are recognized religions in Indonesia: Islam (main religion in Indonesia), Hinduism (main religion in Bali), Christian Protestant, Christian Catholic, Buddhism, Confucius.

In connection with a civil wedding at the particular religion is to choose. Please ask about detailed information with us. For a wedding ceremony without registry office, we recommend a Protestant wedding or a Hindu blessing.

Renewal of Vows, Wedding Anniversary, Silver Wedding

It is to recommend a Protestant wedding or a Hindu blessing.

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