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Bali is a shoppers paradise.
Countless souvenirs, textiles, wood carvings, silver and gold jewelry, leather goods, stone sculptures, furniture, pictures and much more are found. ...
Shopping in Bali

Bali is a shopper's paradise and there are local goods as well as goods from all over Indonesia to find. It can be argued Bali is the ultimate in design and execution in Indonesia. Much is made by hand and is available at reasonable prices. Many shops in the tourist centers such as Ubud, Nusa Dua, Kuta and Seminyak run the latest world renown designer fashion. Everywhere there are tailors, shoemakers, handicrafts, silver jewelry, wood and stone works and paintings.
Also spa products such as oils, toiletries, cosmetics and lowbrow and highbrow souvenirs can be found conveniently located in tourist areas and in the "craft villages" as Tegalalang, Sukawati, Celuk and Ubud.
When shopping, be prepared to barter with the seller. Often prices are three to five times higher than the real price and you have to be patient with real potential sellers. In large souvenir shops like the Galleria Nusa Dua or in the Centro Discovery Mall in Kuta the prices are fixed. In these large shops you can obtain guidelines to come in with and start the negotiating in the smaller shops and markets. Some artisans are found concentrated in certain places. Thus, you will find the woodcarvers in Mas and Kemenuh, gold- and silversmiths in and around Celuk and painters in and around Ubud.


Bali is famous for its ornate wood carvers work since the earliest times. Each temple and Rector's Palace has painted carved pavilions and figures made of fine wood and colors. Figure representations are mostly from the Hindu pantheon.
Furniture often comes from Java and can be shipped in expensively by container. The artisan or dealer also likes to take on contract work in reception and can manufacture furniture according to your preferences and to your specifications for each individual pieces. There is concern that the tropical timber species in the arid climatic conditions in Europe can cracke, often seen with hard wood like ebony. Teak and mahogany are often used for furniture and are more resistant to dry climate. Regular maintenance of an application of teak oil and beeswax will assure you of many extended years of trouble free.

Silver Jewelry

Bali's center for processing silver is in Celuk, where the tradition is passed on to generations since the earliest times. In each house filigree jewelry and various artifacts are still produced today. Often you can directly observe the workers manufacturing these delicate masterpieces. After the factory visit, you will be very asked in the salesroom to purchase some . It is appropriate to negotiate prices and don't be shy.
However, in these factories you do have the assurance that the objects are of real silver (925 sterling silver), contrary to the many hawkers, who love to peddle silver plated ware or alpaca (nickel silver).

Paintings and art works

Painting in Bali has a very long tradition and started with a predominantly religious tradition. In the thirties, came western artists, brought new techniques and new materials with them. There was a lively communication and influencing exchange between the locals and these new influencers.
Today Ubud is considered the cultural center of Bali and is advertised as such. In Ubud and the surrounding villages you will find numerous galleries that offer images of each art form and in a palette of colors.
There are also countless copies of well-known Indonesian artists and paintings produced by masters students.

Spa Products

The air of Bali is filled with a unique fragrance of exotic flowers. Whether Frangipani, Sandat, Jempaka. All these flowers are now processed into fragrant oils, which are available in many stores as soaps, massage oils and fragrant incense sticks.
In addition, there are spice-scented pastes (pore), which are produced by very old recipes and promise suppleness and beauty of the skin. .


The weaving of Bali and Indonesia has been known since ancient times. For many islanders,the colorful wraparound "sarong", which is worn by women and men, is the most important piece of clothing. In Bali material is re-used and is featured in a large popular advertising campaign for dress shirts, known as the "Endag". This simple Ikat has very diverse patterns and is still often made into elaborate handwork. Traditional Handmade Batik Fabrics made of good cotton and silk can be bought in the best shops. They are not inexpensive but each one is a work of art and love.
In the markets you get items made of patterns that are machine printed with batik patterns. The factory produce these goods at very low price. However, these are still traditionally called "Batik". Not because of the production technology but because of the patterns. There is a difference between Batik patterns and the Batik handmade process.

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